girls don’t like boys girls like cake and female protagonists in video games

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I’m in the Gap right now and I’ve never been more bored and unimpressed by a retail experience in my life.

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(Andy) Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive~ 

Mmm well, you can tell bah the way I use my wok

I’m a woman’s mayn, no time to tauk. 

Wursic laaauud~ women waurm, 

Been kick araaund~ since I was bohn. 

Well, is auright, is okie, you can look the othah wuay~ 

Ludado~! Rrrudado! Ru da do dad darat DAOou! 

Rubadinadumada dud dadumana… Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive

(Dwight)…Sp! Sp! Sp! Sp! Sp! Sp! Sp! Sp! …Clarice.

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The moment I met you, I knew I was in for something extraordinary.

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what started it all


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whenever you see willow pape 


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Jamila Lyiscott: 3 ways to speak English

Stop what you’re doing and watch this. Especially if you have a problem with AAVE or broken English. 

This is literally my life. Literally. Jamaican Patois, African American Vernacular English, Standard American English. Exquisite spoken word here. Loved this part: “Let there be no confusion, let there be no hesitation, this is not a promotion of ignorance, this is a linguistic celebration. That’s why…I put trilingual on my last job application. I can help diversify your consumer market is all I wanted them to know. And, when they call me for the interview, I’ll be more than happy to show that I can say ‘what’s good,’ ‘whatta gwan,’ and of course, ‘hello.’”

ugh yes important and so good 

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It is fascinating, really.

pretty much the whole show summed up in 3 gifs

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Jaded and Faded

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"Never did like that much," is a baller and superb way to express your irritation with the way the patriarchy refuses to acknowledge how badass you are.


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i don’t think aliens exist

dancing alien gif

then wtf do u call this

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